Sunday, 7 June 2015

Fake Plastic Trees - Mr. Jackson acoustic summer part 1

Hello friends,

It is the summer, Horray! At last the summery times have come with the sun and the tanning can commence. Commence tanning... go...

So, I've been doing some acoustic recordings of songs from my summery record 'Tea in Paradise' (available on iTunes by the way, if you were interested), I shall release them shortly, across the summer times. To kick start it though, I thought I would add in one of my busking songs that I had not felt confident enough to record until now. So here to start the acoustic summer season, is me, Mr. Jackson, performing 'Fake Plastic Trees' acoustic style for you. The original song is by Radiohead and is one of my favourite songs of all time ever in the history of everness.

Coming up in part 2 will be a summery acoustic version of a track from my record 'Tea in Paradise' which I wrote and made with my body (mainly my fingers and voice). You can buy it if you like (I would really like it if you did). Just have a little amazon search for 'Tea in Paradise' by Mr. Jackson, you will be amazed what comes up!

This is the album cover to look out for when you are buying
your media online, tell them I sent you, they'll know what
that means, please buy a copy, you will be doing your bit,
it's sort of like a cheap 'get into heaven' free card if you
worship at the church of good music.
Also, once it's finnished processing, you will be able to purchase the remastered version of 'Fine' by Donny Stax & [adj]. I'll post the links when they are there.

Look out for time gnomes as well, they have been stealing peoples time while they aren't paying attention. I have witnessed it on several occasions now and I am worried that if we don't do something about it as a species, that we may lose all of our time to those cheeky gnomes. Be vigilant people, if the human/gnome time war begins, be ready to pick your side (I recommend picking the Human side, as the gnome side is mainly for gnomes and fairies and other creatures of the imaginative realm).

You are a fantastic person and I wish you all the best today and every day that follows.


Andy Jackson (Mr. Jackson [adj])

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