Saturday, 27 September 2014

The best of my tweets from the last few weeks (now THAT's poetry!)

Hello friends and other people I've never met,

Welcome to the lazy blog that is gonna recycle content from my twitter feed, hopefully it will make you laugh and I don't need to actually put the effort in to write a proper blog (I can't be bothered right now, I've got stuff to do). So here we go

Van Morrison in a Morrisons Van #UltimateTourStopsForBands
Tom Waits at the bus stop #UltimateTourStopsForBands

Weezer in an Asthma Clinic

Placebo at a double blind science experiment
The Mamas and the Papas at the PTA meeting

Elbow on my elbow

Bounty Hunter

The Samaritans
Justin Bieber's life coach

Porn set fluffer
Heart Surgeon
Yoga Instructor (You can't do it, just give up)
Lollypop Lady

Bomb disposal officer


Scratch my Itch Up

20th Century Buoy
I kissed a Gull (and I liked it, the taste of it's fishy beak thing)

I am the Wall Rust (whose idea was it to get metal walls?)
Everybody Burps

Glory-hole lotta love

A Horse with no legs

Logans Walk

The Nappening

The Sixth Fence

Around the Room in 80 days

The Italian Part Time Job

Cents and Cents Ability

American Typo

Return to the Library After Reading

Stair Wars : A New Carpet

Dude, Where's my shoes?

And finally

A Morgan of Free Men

As you can tell, I do like a twitter game or two, in fact, it's the best thing to do on twitter in my humble opinion.

Thanks for visiting, you are a wonderful person

Peace and infinite love

Mr Jackson (Andy, [adj])
I write all my tweets underwater, which of course is a lie

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