Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Note from the holiday (Summer 2014 #TeaInParadise)

Hello friends,

My holiday has come to an end, back to work for Abi and I. Oh well, it was a bloody lovely time doing all the lazy things we both love doing. Cheers to time spent doing what you want.

That time is over again now though, back to it, break done. Not to fear though, there is still 6 more parts of 'Tea In Paradise' to come out, and they will come out weekly (hopefully) across the rest of the summer until all are interneted. Coming up this weekend will be the song 'Tea In Paradise'. The whole project is named after this very song, the only difference being that no hashtag was used in the song name, only in the project name. ahem. So, I won't tell you more about that, because it will be out soon and you can see it for yourself.

In the meantime, here are a few photo's from my holiday at home with my beautiful Abi.

The chalk stone dragon face of the South Coast (last seen heading to France)

Sunset over the downs

Wind kite surfer people out on the water doing their wind surfing with a kite thing

The mysterious stone circle that I made on the beach (it's mysterious because the
next morning when the tide went back out, the circle was gone!!!!)

The chalk stone spiral to another dimension (£25 admission)

Gus having a little fish (he also only caught a couple of little fish)

Also, I'm number 1 in the singer/songwriter charts on reverbnation (bit of a touch), thanks to all the amazing people that support me, you guys are the best in the world, thank you thank you thank you.

Peace and infinite love
Mr Jackson (Andy)

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