Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Quick Decisions - Sounds for Drowning Robots part 1

Sounds for Drowning Robots (part 1) - Quick Decisions

Under the sea, deep in the deepest depths of the oceans of the world, sat the discarded robots, the unwanted, unloved, outdated, metal companions of yesterday. The future had happened, things had changed quickly, decisions had been taken and progress had marched ever onward towards tomorrow.

These once proud assistants of the human race had become the homes for small creatures, and their bleeps and blips could be heard by the dolphins as they passed by. A pair of hopeful eyes bobbed to the surface, reflecting the sunlight like two polished glass marbles. The gulls circled, trying to discern if these shiny objects were edible to them or not. One gull was brave and led the investigation, swooping down from the warm windy current that it's brothers and sisters were floating on, tapping it's beak on the left of the two robot eyes, making a "clink" sound, which was followed by a little robot yelp. The gull rejoined it's family in the sky and explained that these were not two shiny food balls, but something else, something different.

Another gull wanted to investigate further, to learn more and maybe even decipher the mystery of the robot eyes. Down she swooped, catching the eyes at the top of a wave and jabbing her beak into the right of the two eyes. This time there was no click, but a different sound entirely, like an old tape recorder starting up. The gull hovered above the eyes for a moment to see what was going to happen. Suddenly music began to play.
The robot eyes sang, a song of hope. The gulls all began to dance in the sky, swept up in the musical vibrations coming from the poor drowning robot eyes. The fish underneath that had been hiding from the circling gulls, began to rise up to the surface and swim together in multicoloured unison. The robot eyes continued to bob on the surface, while the trailing wires and chords swished about under the water, connected to the robots battered body, which was sending the song out to the ocean.

No humans were near, this was the dance of the robots and the sea.

Scattered across the ocean floor, the discarded robot pieces began to come back to life, energised by the robot songs. Something was stirring, and it was not going to be left to rust any longer.

The sounds for drowning robots would be heard...

The battle would begin...

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