Sunday, 7 October 2012

Gotta love a Winner

Hello friends,

I am feeling extra 'Winning' this week, thanks to some grounding, good recording sessions and some much needed reflection time. All in all, a good developmental week. Abi made me a necklace which says 'Winning' and I have been wearing it ever since as it brings me strong powers of winningness and extra luck on the side like a steaming hot mug of winning with a luck biscuit to dunk in it as well.

Last weekend was a big one. It had rained all week before so I had been unable to go out busking and share the music love with all the non-plus passers-by. When Saturday rolled around the sun decided to come back out and grace the sky once more with it's awesome nuclear glow (word to the wise, nuclear energy should stay about the distance from the Earth to the Sun, for safety sake, we don't need any smaller closer suns in little tubes capable of irradiating us if there is some kind of cock-up). I had asked the universe for a helping hand, as things seemed a bit fuzzy.

When I got to the busking spot, it was early and not many people were around. I set up and starting playing 'You Can Call Me Al' (it's my warm up song as it's not to straining on either guitar or vocals). Within seconds of starting, a woman appeared round the corner and started dancing. She was in the music with me. She danced over to me and put in my case my first ever paper money in my whole busking career! £10 as well, not just a green one, a freakin' orange one. I was shocked and didn't know what to do. I gave her a copy of my CD (which I retail from shop [adj] for £5) and she began grounding me. Christina (that is her name) told me she was a spiritual healer, and given my experiences at One World in August, I was open to this as it seemed to fit my asking of the universe. We sang some songs together from my book of songs, and then a group of ladies out on a Hen day challenge, asked us to do a rendition of 'Summer Holiday' with them in masks of the bride (I assume it was the bride, if it was the groom then he had a very pretty face for a man). The ladies had the masks on, and me and Christina bumbled our way through a dodgy rendition of Summer Holiday.

That was just ten minutes of busking in the morning. The rest of the day was also spiritually charged. Christina went off to the museum (which is right next to where I busk) and I continued to strum and sing to the passers by. She came back an hour later and dropped a card into my case which contained a Lynx necklace from the museum and her contact details. After busking I packed up and went to Stax studio to record a new song. I was feeling quite buzzed with energy by then, usually I am pretty tired after busking, but not this time.

At Studio Stax, myself and Mr Donny Stax set about recording a new song. It's called 'Let's Get Connected' and it's a stomper. You will get to hear it soon when we release our third album of the year.

I arranged to meet up with Christina again as she was going back home in a few days. We met in town and she did some spiritual stuff on me to help me be more grounded. She said it would take a week to take effect, and she was right. Now at the end of the week I am feeling a profound sense of connectedness by being more grounded. I love imagination, and spend lots of time out in mine just farming ideas and watching them grow. It's time for me to be more grounded and in the world, not away with the fairies all the time. Sorry fairies, but I need to spend some time down here with the other people. After my grounding I went on to do some recording with Cito, which went really well and some beautiful music was made.

The week went by and much fun was had. I had a lovely day out playing with Rich Stix and Gypsy Pink, making up songs about Innocent Smoothies ("let the innocent lube you up"- that was the chorus lyric) and getting spacey (without the Kevin).

Now this weekend I went busking to my same spot (where Christina had done some energy stuff) and I made serious bank, cha-ching cha-ching ££££££ - thanks universe. This was followed up with another session at Studio Stax and yet another banging tune being dragged into existence. As the necklace says 'WINNING'.

Final words from Mr Charlie Sheen when he was high on life (and other things!)

Peace and infinite love to you all

[adj] - Andy D Jackson

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