Sunday, 26 November 2017

Vincent Adultman did a Business

Hi there,

I done a business, here it is (just don't look under the trench coat) - A Bojack Horseman musical remix of the one(three!) the only Vincent Adultman
I like blogging...transactions, and this blog seems like appropriate bloggness : so umm, would you like a alcohol?

As an adultman man it is umm... hard to write, so i'll keep this brief, I made this musical tribute to the great Vincent Adultman, and even if Bojack thinks he's just three boys stacked on top of each other doing that thing from the Little Rascals, he is a great adult. Princess Carolyn has done a lot worse before and since.

Side note: why don't Vincent Adultman and Diane ever interact on the show?
Is it because both characters are voiced by the awesome Alison Brie and they might sound too similar interacting? Maybe, maybe there was just no call for them to interact (even though they were in the same place often!). Or possibly they do interact and i've forgotten about it (i'll just have to rewatch the whole series again won't I)

Okay, thanks for stopping bye, all appropriate business taken care off

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Peace out other adults

Cosmic Bos

Sunday, 19 November 2017

A Mr. Peanutbutter Romp - Bojack Horseman musical remix by Cosmic Bos

Hello friend, (I know this is probably the first time we have met, but I love you very much)

Thanks for stopping by, it feels like literally forever since anyone was here, but you are here now and that's all that matters, just in time to throw this old dog a bone. Click that play button down there, go on, go on, go on.

A Mr. Peanutbutter Romp - BoJack Horseman musical remix by Cosmic Bos
Music made using MusicMakerJam app on iPhone
Bojack Horseman clips from Bojack Horseman (2014-present), Netflix
This particular musical romp is all about everyones favourite dog, Mr. Peanutbutter (Peanut butter is one word), and boy does he ever like to please. Paul F Tomkins provides the voice, and what a performance he provides.
I do not own the rights to any Bojack, Horseman or otherwise, and this video has been made as a loving fan one, love ya Bojack. The music is pretty in your face, not the kind I usually make, but it seemed appropriate to do something generic for old faithful Mr. PB. (Sorry if you hate it, but, it is what it is)

A pic I made using the Bojack Horseapp
thing, a bit of fun.
I'm guessing you are a fan of Bojack Horseman if you have made it this far down the blog, so firstly, isn't it awesome?
It sure is, well, I must admit to having a particular soft spot for Mr. Peanutbutter and his wacky antics, and I'm saying this as someone who doesn't really like dogs (I don't hate dogs, just not a big fan, I prefer the sultry purrs of the feline). They capture his dog like nature so well in the show that making this musical tribute was easily the funniest time I've had doing this. The 'tomato tomato' bit gets me every time (Classic Mr. Peanutbutter).
What's your favourite Mr. Peanutbutter moment?

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Have a great day

Peace and infinite love
Cosmic Bos

Friday, 10 November 2017

Diane Nguyen's Hot Topics no.1: Hanky Panky

So friends,

Here we are, feeling like we have been living in an alternate universe these past few months, the whole world (at least, as far as we can tell) is getting served chaos for breakfast, with leaders twittering away, abuse scandals sliding about the place like abused sandals, bombs and guns and weapons built for a single purpose (the removal of life from this blue world) being used, and still we find time to watch all the cute animal videos youtube has to offer.

Well, here is another cute animal video for you, but this time the animals are from Bojack Horseman and the cuteness is Diane Nguyen standing up for what's right.

This video was made possible by a huge non existent grant from AOL, TimeWarner, Pepsico, Viacom, Halliburton, Skynet, Toyota, Trader Joes. It was agreed that although Bojack Horseman musical remixes might not sell magazines, they do make for good little videos for blogs and should be celebrated as such.

Thanks for taking the time to be here and read this, you are wonderful and don't forget it.
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Peace and infinite love
Cosmic Bos

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Hooray! (Todd Chavez) - Bojack Horseman musical remix by Cosmic Bos



I wish to show you something...a musical remix video I made...of Todd Chavez (Aaron Paul) from Bojack Horseman, that amazing Netflix show about a Horseman and his friends (are they friends? I wanna say 'yes' but I'm leaning towards a 'maaaaaybe?').

Now Todd has come a long way on the show, it's been 4 seasons so far and Todd has ((Spoiler warnings for seasons 3 & 4)) come out as Asexual and is learning what that means for him. It's amazing and a genuine examination of a topic that does not get much (if any) attention, and Todd has stayed as Todd, he's just become happier being just that. In my musical interpretation (or inToddpretation as he would call it) I decided not to tackle this part of the Todd tale and instead went for the story of Bekka. For the full exploration of Todd you need to watch the whole show, I can't condense that into a 3 minute musical experience (at least not yet, I'm still fumbling my way through this whole thing, whatever it is).

Sarah Lynn makes an appearance to sing the chorus, she's the chorus gal for this one (she will likely turn up again in a later musical mix).

So yeah, that's it, the 4th Bojack Horseman musical mix I done did with MusicMakerJam on my iPhone, and then a hefty dose of Bojack Horseman samples sprinkled over the top. I have a few more planned, the next one is likely to be quite topical as it is about Diane Nguyen.

Thanks for being alive,
love ya xx

Cosmic Bos

Friday, 20 October 2017

Hollywoo Stars & Celebrities, What do they know? Do they know things? Lets Find Out!

Hey friend,

How's it going? You all good? Living the dream I hope. Well, you are here, that's the main thing, just by existing you are doing something worthwhile, I applaud you for that.

So, Hollywoo Stars and Celebrities?
What do they know?
Do they know things?
Lets Find Out!

- That's the full title of the new Cosmic Bos - Bojack Horseman musical mixing shenanigans, please feast your eyes (and ears) on the video above (if you have skipped past it to come read these ever so important words, if not and you have already viewed the aforementioned video, please, tell me what you think? Did you like bits? Did you dislike bits? Let me find out (in the comments) - wow, brackets within brackets, was that really necessary? - was pointing that out really necessary? - is anything truly necessary? I don't know, and neither do you.)

Okay, this blog doesn't have anything else to say, I made the musical video, it's above if you want to watch it, there is nothing else for me to add, but you are still here reading this so I obviously did eventually think of something worthwhile to put in this webspace...I wonder what it is?

- Next Bojack Horseman song is coming soon, I'm really loving making these so expect a few more before I get bored and go and do something else.

Peace and infinite love

Cosmic Bos xx
(Andy Jackson)
Made using the Bojack Horseapp on the iPhone, easy peasy.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Blame it on the Horseman (BoJack) - Bojack Horseman musical tribute no.2

Hay Horsefans,

So Bojack got into this weird scuffle this one time with a seal, a navy seal.
It turned into this whole thing, it was in the news at the time, a few years back now.

Well, anyway, I went and set some music I made with MusicMakerJam to this altercation that Bojack had with Neil... here it is:

As you can see, fun was had all round. For more adventures of Bojack Horseman you should visit Netflix and watch it all, it's awesome.

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Peace out

Cosmic Bos
xx Smooches xx
Why do they always use the sneezing picture?

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Smooches (Princess Carolyn) - Bojack Horseman musical tribute no.1

Hello cool cats,

Thanks for stopping by my blog, you are purrfectly welcome, I hope you know/like Bojack Horseman, if not then you really should, it's probably the best adult animated show out there at the moment (calm down Rick and Morty fans, I said 'probably'!) and the 4th season (which dropped on Netflix last month) is off the hook amazing in every way. I count it as the best season of a show for 2017, with Master of None coming in second (that show is also flipping awesome).

Here is a musical tribute I made to the beautiful pink pussy, Princess Carolyn, Smooches!

She is one sassy kitty, and her story arch in season 4 is one of the strongest, a bit of an emotional rollercoaster if you know what I metaphor.

Well, I've got the next one finished too, and will release it in good time (I'm no longer subscribing to bad time, it is not welcome around here no more), it's about Bojack himself, and a scuffle he got into with a Seal over some muffins.

Thanks for being alive, you are doing a great job

Peace and infinite smooches xxx

Andy (Cosmic Bos)