Sunday, 16 October 2016

What is Cosmic Bos? And why should I care?

Thanks for dropping by this little corner of the internet, it is much appreciated, please help yourself to a complementary "extra life" when you get to the end of the blog. (P.S - "extra life" is limited to the first twenty seven people that get to the end of the blog, after that you will have to wait for the next delivery and try again).

So, Cosmic Bos... what does that mean?

Cosmic means...well, cosmic! spacey, the Cosmos, you know, all that cool trippy Carl Sagan stuff.

And Bos...that is actually Dutch for Forrest. But it also sounds exactly like boss, so it means that too. It can mean both things if it wants to.

What is Cosmic Bos? And why should you care?

Good questions internet, let me answer them for you, well, Cosmic Bos is an alternative electro musical outfit from Brighton, UK. Consisting primarily of Andy Jackson & Chris Mace, Cosmic Bos attempts to explore this cosmic universe around us through music, and being the Bos.

You should care because it is in your nature to care, by showing some care and attention you are fulfilling a life long need to offer help and support to your brothers and sisters on this amazing planet.

So far there are two singles available by Cosmic Bos.

Given Half a Dance

Buy now on iTunes (just click that lovely link) and Amazon (click this lovely link too)

Lucky Lampshade

Also you can get Lucky (Lampshade) on iTunes and Amazon. (also spotify and all the other ones)

These two songs do give you an idea of what Cosmic Bos has in store, there are plenty more songs where these two came from.

So the soundcloud bit looks quite empty at the moment. But I assure you we are nearing the end of the album mixing and mastering, and another new song will drop in the upcoming week to help whet your appetite for the debut album.

Coming Friday 21st October 2016 will be 'Stump the Fee!', the third single from the upcoming album '7 Billion'. This next song is a message song, wrapped up in a banging dance floor beat, examining the state of the world/environment, and who is being asked to sort it out (quick clue, it's us!)

@cosmicbos is the Facebook page that lovely a like if you have one spare.

Okay, with that out the way, I need your help. I am trying to work out what genre and sub genre and sub sub genre (and so on) that Cosmic Bos fits into. Please comment either directly onto this very blog or on Facebook or twitter etc. What artists do you think Cosmic Bos sounds most like? Try and give me 3 if you can. Thanks, you are really helping me out. Now help yourself to an extra life (if any remain)


Peace and infinite love

Andy Jackson (Cosmic Bos)

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Lucky Lampshade - Cosmic Bos 2nd single from upcoming debut album

Hello friends,

So here we are sitting (or standing) at the edge of greatness, about to watch a cheap as chips video about lampshades and their luck giving benefits (or lack of). This is an exciting time to be online, so without further ado I present to you, Lucky Lampshade by Cosmic Bos

This is the second single from the upcoming album '7 Billion' by Cosmic Bos, it was written by Andy Jackson, produced by Chris Mace and distributed by the good people at Treeman Productions. The video was made by Abi & Andy Jackson for a thrifty price. It's just some UV paint splashed on us and then filmed up close, pretty effective huh?

Well, we thought it was, so there you go. You can purchase the song from iTunes and Amazon and it is streamable on Spotify and Notify, and all those things I think. Have a look if you want to, maybe even buy yourself a copy for later... up to you friend.

Now some of you might be asking, 'What makes a lampshade lucky?', Well my friends, the answer is quite simple, YOU, it is you that makes something lucky. So go strap one on quick and up your luck factor or something stupid like that, I don't know what I'm talking about, I'm the idiot that wrote a song about lampshades with luck properties.

We are on track to have the album out in October, with the two singles 'Given Half a Dance' & 'Lucky Lampshade' both featured. There might be another single next month too, still deciding on that one (winky face). Thanks for listening and being a true human being (unless you are not a human in which case please accept my humble apologies for assuming that all of my readers were human, how would you classify yourself? Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, Alien, Space Gas, Lampshade???? Please respond anyway you can).

All the love in the world

Cosmic Bos

iTunes link :
Amazon link :
Spotify link :
Reverbnation link:

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Given Half A Dance - Cosmic Bos debut single

Hello friends,

It has been a long time coming, but finally here it is, please feast your ears on 'Given Half a Dance' - the first single from the upcoming Cosmic Bos album '7 Billion'.

You can buy this song from iTunes 
                     or you can get it from Amazon 
                            or loads of other places that I can't be bothered to list out for you, what ever your preferred music purchasing outlet is, if you do buy music that is, I guess some people still do (I do). If you just want to rip it for free then so be it, I can't stop you, and at least you would have taken the time to do the ripping, like some kind of serial music thief, a Jack the Ripper for the mp3 era, and I would be honoured to sit on your hard drive as evidence when the media police come knocking at your door to cart you away to download prison.

The awesome video that accompanies the song was directed by Nick Jackson, starred myself (Andy Jackson) as the idiot in the coat, Chris Mace as Treeman and Abi Jackson & Mel Pellatt as the dancing fairies. Also, K-Dog carried loads of gear around while we danced. It was an awesome Treeman Productions production. Visit for all your treeman needs.

So who is 'Cosmic Bos' I hear you all asking (I have exceptional hearing, I can hear a whole load of stuff that other people can't, I can hear stuff that other people didn't even actually say! that's how great my hearing is). Well, Cosmic Bos is a new musical collective, or band (as they were called in the olden days) consisting of Andy Jackson and Chris Mace, it's mainly electronica in nature, with singing and instruments and all that jazz (it isn't Jazz though). Well, 'Given Half a Dance' is the first single, so that gives you an idea. Coming very soon will be the second single 'Lucky Lampshade' with another video. Gosh we don't half spoil you when we finally get round to it.

Later this year we will drop the full album, current working title '7 Billion' (which is an estimate of how many copies we are likely to sell, give or take a few billion). In the meantime just enjoy the current single. Here it is again just in case you missed the first two links above to listen to it.

Thanks for stopping by, you are doing great work here, the internet needs people like you to look at it otherwise it's whole existence is meaningless. Keep it up. If you want to go the extra mile and prove your dedication to procrastination, then please leave a comment or subscribe, OR to be the ultimate devoted time waster (and money waster) then buy a copy of 'Given Half a Dance' by Cosmic Bos, you will be increasing your universal influence by a whopping 3.6% (that is science, I promise you from the bottom of my trousers).

Peace and infinite love
Andy Jackson - Cosmic Bos
single cover, please buy a copy and help change the world (?!)

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Cosmic Bos - coming 2016

Hello friends,

So 2016 has begun, and it's time for an announcement. Ah hem (just clearing my blog throat), this year will be the first year of Cosmic Bos.

What is Cosmic Bos? I hear you asking (I have exceptional hearing before you ask how that was possible). Well, it is a new musical experience helmed by myself (Mr. Jackson) and my good friend Chris Mace. I can't really tell you much more right now, but it's safe to say it is exciting and sandwich inducing. There is a big crew of awesome talented people involved as well, this is going to be something that exists and hopefully will entertain a noteworthy percentage of the 7.5 billion people that live on this planet.

We have already got in place a lot of things, but more things need doing before things can be shown to people who might want to see aforementioned things, so sit tight, have a snack, or don't, it all depends on when you last ate.
There shall be a podcast, and music videos, and related albums and singles and doubles and maybe if you are really lucky a blooming triple, as well as acoustic shows, reviews, recommendations and related space stations, rhymes, times, chimes, maybe even some petty crimes involving divine limes, and of course there will be plenty of extra special content plucked from the creative ether (we recently acquired an antique plucking device from a passing traveller).
In this video you can hear the first line of the song 'Lucky Lampshade', just one of the amazing deep and meaningful songs about lampshades that Cosmic Bos has to offer.

You can visit the special Cosmic Bos blog that is devoted to all things Cosmic (and all things Bos of course) it can be found by clicking here, have fun

More things to come soon, but until then, stay warm and healthy, have a banana if you like bananas

Peace and infinite love
Andy Jackson xx

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Donny Stax & Mr. Jackson - Re:fine - available now!

So friends,

You can now get your virtual hands on a copy of the re:mastered, re:tweeked, re:twiddled first album by Donny Stax & Mr. Jackson which was originally called 'Fine', so the re:done version is called 'Re:fine' (get it?! How clever is that!, not very, but still, it's done now).
The re:done cover to Re:fine

With that overload of punctuation out of the way, we can delve into the record and find out some fun facts. Firstly, originally Mr. Jackson was known as [adj]. The original release of Fine had that as his name, but in the years that have passed since then it has become itunes policy to not accept square brackets in artist names, so to be able to even re:release this record the [adj] had to be changed, so Mr. Jackson it is now. Donny Stax has always been an acceptable name as far as itunes is concerned, so that didn't need to be changed.

The last time this album was released it had some skits scattered amongst the songs, they have been removed because they were silly. The re:issue contains only the songs.

The remastering process took a few months and was not overseen by Phil Collins.

So to tempt you into purchasing at least one copy of Donny Stax & Mr. Jackson Re:fine (from itunes, or amazon, or spotify, or where ever you like buying music) I present to you 'Live Up There' from the very record. This song is about going and living in space, also aliens and stuff, you know, the usual song themes.

When we released Fine the first time, this song was played on radio quite a few times, it never made us rich though, or famous, or indeed anything, it didn't even make us a cake or biscuit. With your help though (and money) it could one day.

Here is the amazon link Donny Stax & Mr. Jackson Re:fine
Here is the itunes link Donny Stax & Mr. Jackson Re:fine

So there you have it, re:fine. Get your copy now while download stocks last (they can run out apparently, or so my mate told me)

Spare canisters of air on standby,
Peace out
Mr. Jackson

Sunday, 28 June 2015

So what happened to the time? (The gnomes stole it!)

So friends,

The time has come, or has it? How does time come? Isn't time always there, right by your side like a loyal dog ready to catch the stick? I don't know. Time seems to have many properties that make it the perfect subject for poetic examination, hence it's inclusion in almost all creative endeavours throughout human history. Some of the most fantastical pieces of art took lots of time to make, time was playing the long game on those ones, helping massage them into history, giving them a timeless quality.
Monkeys for hire, they protect you from time gnomes.

In fact, the more time that is invested into something, the more timeless it becomes. Or is that just stupid? It probably is, but only time can truly tell. Time is the holder of all the secrets and mysteries of the universe, and given some gentle persuasion we might be able to trick time into giving up some of it's vast wealth of knowledge. I wrote a song about time, it's on my record 'Tea in Paradise', you can buy it if you like, it would be a timeless gesture in this chaotic world (whatever that means) (( it's on itunes and amazon and spittlefy etc.))

Here is an acoustic video of 'Where's the Time?'. I recorded it at home with the sea waving behind me. I think a time gnome may have snuck in and stolen a few minutes, see what you recon.

So the time gnome theory. What is it?

Well inquisitive words, the 'Time Gnome' Theory, or, complete load of non-sense I'm about to write, to give it it's full title, goes into some deep quantum physicsal holes and comes out the other lemon. Time has no physical substance and cannot be manipulated through normal physical type means, but there are beings that CAN manipulate it as if it were a mouldable palpable thing, these are the Time Gnomes.

They might not be gnomes in the normal everyday garden variety way, they are more like inter-dimentional beings that we can't ever hope to understand, so stop even trying. There are several recorded cases of time being stolen from our dimension by these beings, often is it put down to simple things like excessive alcohol consumption, or a lack of good healthy naked sleep, but really it is the Time Gnomes coming in and stealing it from us.

This is a common 'time gnome' distraction technique,
Be Warned! He is stealing your time as you look at him.
These time gnomes can shift their size and time stealing capabilities, there have been sightings of times gnomes that stretch miles up into the sky and carefully pick time off of passing planes and helicopters (time is easiest to harvest when humans are distracted, and for some unknown reason, plane food is one of the preferred seasonings of the huge time gnomes). They also can be microscopic, capable of only stealing a fleeting second or two of your time, but this is enough to feed a family of tiny time gnomes for several weeks.

On a recent secret expedition to the mountains of Tibet, a Time Gnome cave storage room was discovered by a group of monks trekking through the mountains during a Lord of the Rings historical reenactment. The cave was said to contain almost 150 years worth of stollen time, the monks were able to bring almost a whole year back with them, but to this date no one has yet recovered anymore of the time. Unfortunately, the time required to go and retrieve the stollen time requires conversion into money, because as well as know, time equals money. This simple math reduces us to the paradox that the money we would invest, as well as fresh time, would cancel itself out eventually and make the whole thing pointless, so let's not do any of that.

So if you see something flickering in your sight, it could be one of them pesky time gnomes taking a minute or two away from you. Please pay attention.

This has been fun, plus I got to kill some time writing it. I tied the time up, gagged it and sat back to see if any gnomes would come and try and steal it. I think they must have snuck round the back of me because before I knew it I had lost a whole bunch of time.

Damn you time gnome-ingtons!!!!

Peace and infinite time
Mr. Jackson (Andy)

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Fake Plastic Trees - Mr. Jackson acoustic summer part 1

Hello friends,

It is the summer, Horray! At last the summery times have come with the sun and the tanning can commence. Commence tanning... go...

So, I've been doing some acoustic recordings of songs from my summery record 'Tea in Paradise' (available on iTunes by the way, if you were interested), I shall release them shortly, across the summer times. To kick start it though, I thought I would add in one of my busking songs that I had not felt confident enough to record until now. So here to start the acoustic summer season, is me, Mr. Jackson, performing 'Fake Plastic Trees' acoustic style for you. The original song is by Radiohead and is one of my favourite songs of all time ever in the history of everness.

Coming up in part 2 will be a summery acoustic version of a track from my record 'Tea in Paradise' which I wrote and made with my body (mainly my fingers and voice). You can buy it if you like (I would really like it if you did). Just have a little amazon search for 'Tea in Paradise' by Mr. Jackson, you will be amazed what comes up!

This is the album cover to look out for when you are buying
your media online, tell them I sent you, they'll know what
that means, please buy a copy, you will be doing your bit,
it's sort of like a cheap 'get into heaven' free card if you
worship at the church of good music.
Also, once it's finnished processing, you will be able to purchase the remastered version of 'Fine' by Donny Stax & [adj]. I'll post the links when they are there.

Look out for time gnomes as well, they have been stealing peoples time while they aren't paying attention. I have witnessed it on several occasions now and I am worried that if we don't do something about it as a species, that we may lose all of our time to those cheeky gnomes. Be vigilant people, if the human/gnome time war begins, be ready to pick your side (I recommend picking the Human side, as the gnome side is mainly for gnomes and fairies and other creatures of the imaginative realm).

You are a fantastic person and I wish you all the best today and every day that follows.


Andy Jackson (Mr. Jackson [adj])